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  • You’re on your way back from the grocery store and want your porch lights to be on
  • You lay comfortably in your bed about to fall asleep, but realize left your bathroom light on
  • You’re preparing food with greasy hands and want your kitchen island lights on full
  • You want to set the mood for your guests at your dinner party
  • You want to save energy by automatically dimming your lights
  • You want to make sure all lights are off during the day when you’re away
  • You want your lights to simulate someone’s home when your on vacation

Fundamentally you want it because you’re able have a home that works for you and with you. Both by allowing you to easily take control and also by creating customized settings based on how you want your lights to be used and then forget about them.

So I want smart lighting, however I also want to have the option of choosing from the thousands of different bulb designs and technologies. Plumen luminaires for example, are one of the first ever low energy designer lightbulbs and in my opinion, are visually stunning. What we want is to be able to simply plug one of their bulbs into the emberlight socket and turn an extraordinary bulb into a smart light.

Some smartlights only use Wi-Fi, but what happens if your WiFi goes out? Some smartlights only use Bluetooth, but limit your control to when you are in close proximity. Some smartlights require complex hubs to be set up before you even start to think about connecting the bulbs themselves.

Through the cellular network, through your home’s existing Wi-Fi network, or directly from your smartphone’s Bluetooth, the emberlight app is able to connect to any of your emberlight sockets and control your lights. By having both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities built in, the emberlight socket allows for broader accessibility and a much improved user experience. If I’m in close proximity the Bluetooth on my phone will directly interact with my lights (via the emberlight socket) giving really fast control and feedback. However, if I’m in a hotel in Thailand, my phone will securely connect to my lights via the emberlight cloud and then via my home’s Wi-Fi network.

Emberlight socket:

  • Supports multiple smartphones and multiple homes
  • Allows you to control your lights from anywhere in the world
  • Set your lights to simulate being home while you’re away
  • Offers brightness control of any mix of incandescent and dimmable CFL, LED, or halogen bulbs
  • Connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE (Low Energy)

Take control of your lights and brighten your home.

Lexii is a marketing creative with 6 years in Event, Product, and Social media marketing. She has assisted with coordinating and managing marketing campaigns for Procter & Gamble, and assisted with growth of smaller CPG brands on a national level.

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