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May 1, 2016

Smart Apartment

Being a part of the millennial generation, I feel as though my curiosity is never quite satiated. I’m always on the lookout for the newest gadget, ways to improve the efficiency of my days, and even my general life quality. What I’m trying to say is if I could have personal assistant in the form of a robot, I would.

Along with a robot sidekick, having a Smart Home, a home complete with gadgets to make everyday tasks automated, is definitely very high on my wish list. Though there are a few problems I’ve come across when it comes to bringing that dream into my reality.

1. I do not own a house.
2. I live in San Francisco therefore I cannot afford a house

So what’s a millennial to do? The next best thing, of course; a Smart Apartment.

I present to you, my top 5 list of affordable and awesome devices perfect for making your apartment smarter.

5. Mr.Smart WiFi Enabled Coffee Maker
Get your caffeine fix while no longer having to imagine a robot butler making coffee on demand for you! Now with this WiFi enabled coffee maker, you have remote access to all of it’s brewing functions, whenever you want. There’s really nothing more exciting in the morning than the smell of fresh coffee, especially when you get to make it from bed for only $99!

4. Ambient Wireless Advanced Weather Station
The world, well, weather is at your fingertips with this wireless weather station that automatically calculates and updates temperature, dew point, and thermometer! Never know if you should go to the park, on a full moon hike, or stay inside for a movie day? Now you can constantly be in the know, with your own personal weather gadget for just $40!

3. FosPower Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Have the power and ease of access to charge your phone wirelessly by simply setting it down with the FosPower Charging Pad! Charge your phone 40% faster without having to worry about where your cords are or if there’s an outlet nearby with this gadget that’s only $50.

2. H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy a luxurious spa-like shower experience in the form a of a powerful drenching rain while listening to your favorite music. With noise reduction and the addition of dual microphones, you can even answer calls while showering for only $49.95!

1. emberlight
No surprise here, number one is emberlight. Turn any light into a smart light with the power of a smart socket, and a simple app. Aquire multiple emberlight sockets and easily turn your apartment into a smart apartment, having control of all of your lights from a single app. No cords, no wires, just pure satisfaction of making all of your friends jealous for only $49!

As you can see, a smart apartment is more accessible than you might think.

Lexii is a marketing creative with 6 years in Event, Product, and Social media marketing. She has assisted with coordinating and managing marketing campaigns for Procter & Gamble, and assisted with growth of smaller CPG brands on a national level.

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